The following are the aims and objectives of the society-

1.      The society will seek to inculcate and maintain the spirit of unity, solidarity, fellow feelings and brotherly cooperation among the haematologists of Bangladesh.

2.      The society will seek to establish and protect the interests, rights and privileges of the haematologists in Bangladesh upholding their honour and dignity.

3.      The society will create general awareness about the nature, prevalence, prevention and management of the Haematological disorders among Bangladeshi population.

4.      The society will enlighten the nation about the fact that haematology is an independent discipline of medical science worldwide and therefore the haematological disorders can be best dealt with a haematologist.

5.      The society will seek to provide an organization to the patients suffering from haematological and related disorders to own them and to serve the nation with optimum skill and confidence.

6.      The society will organize and support studies and training on haematological disease to contribute to further improvement of education in medical science in Bangladesh.

7.      The society will mobilize resources, knowledge, initiatives and efficiencies on priority basis to improve training on haematology at all times.

8.      The society will assist, cooperate, affiliate and join in federation with national and international organization holding similar aims and objectives.


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